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Why Shop Local


Local, Independent Businesses in Barnet

Welcome to our directory of local, independent businesses in Barnet. Some of the businesses that you’ll discover here are real hidden gems, they are special places fuelled by passion and creativity.

Shopping locally is one of the most powerful and rewarding steps that we can take to strengthen our community, to connect with our community and to discover more about the individuals in our community.

So, get ready to start enjoying your local area even more as you discover some fantastic local businesses!

The top five reasons why it feels good to shop local!

Unique Shopping Experience

Shopping in an independent local business is a really special experience, normally fuelled with passion and care. The shop or service hasn’t been replicated all over the world and it’s more often than not, imprinted with the personality of the business owner. It just makes shopping much more fun!

Strengthens the Local Economy.

When you choose to spend your pound in a local independent business, you are choosing to invest in the economy of your local community. Local businesses choose to do business with other local businesses, such as graphic designers, caterers, book keepers and so on.

Local business owners are also much more connected to their community than larger chains. They have a vested interest in giving back to the community, in supporting local charities, campaigns and causes. The worth of this contribution is incalculable and is an extremely valuable part of creating a cohesive and sustainable community.

Better Long-Term Value

Our perception of what is the best value for money and most time efficient, is not always correct. We are swayed easily by major marketing campaigns screaming ‘50% off!’ Sometimes we don’t even know off what. What is the full price? We don’t look at what smaller local businesses are offering, as they are not on our radar. Some smaller businesses are less expensive than huge chains, their overheads can be a lot lower, especially if they are running their business from home and their service will always be more personal and their ethics, are usually strong.

Diversity and Choice.

Your local business works hard for your custom and if they don’t have what you want, they will often try to get it for you. Small, local businesses are extremely influenced by your own individual tastes, whereas a multi-national, is led more by the crowd. That’s why independents in combination, offer such unique products and services, they are catering for you, not the crowd.

Better Looking High Streets

Do you enjoy looking at the High Street when it starts being overtaken by plastic fronted betting shops and multi-national fast food chains? We at Love Your Doorstep much prefer the look of a characterful High Street, with niche shops and personal service, fulfilling local needs. If we don’t make a conscious decision to shop at these independent businesses, we will lose them.


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